GitSum, the brainchild of Rob Petreski, is a web application that was created to provide the development community with a dashboard that summarises multiple Git repositories in one location. The objective is to deliver greater transparency to enable better collaboration in teams mixed with technical and non-technical members.

Side project

Branding, UI Design

Rob Petreski, Nick Spiel



The challenge

The main challenge was to build an expansive, yet uncluttered interface that would primarily serve as a quick reference for the user. We approached this by displaying a fixed amount of repositories at any given time, with the option for users to scroll vertically for a list of commits, and horizontally for more repository listings (if applicable).


Designing the "GitSloth"

Since the fundamental idea of GitSum is to make life easier for development teams through reducing the amount of effort involved when referencing multiple repositories, we decided to take a fun, light-hearted approach with the branding, and created a logo that was inspired by the "slothful" techie stereotype, and the association that the sloth has with the (Git) branch.


Keeping it simple

GitSum has been designed for various users, including developers, managers, technical teams and agencies. As this audience is quite broad, and includes users that may not be technically minded, it was important to keep the interface simple and minimise the barriers for adoption. At the same time, it was also imperative that the interface was not too watered down for the technical users that may require more information. We approached this by ensuring maximum real-estate was given to the repository listings, scaling down the amount of feature inclusions for the MVP, and allowing users to view the source location of a commit or repository.


Designing for multiple devices

For the best experience, we designed GitSum for use on a desktop or TV viewport as this will allow for maximum visibility of repository listings. However, this may not always be suitable for some users, so it was important to consider mobile limitations throughout the design process and still enable users to easily add, remove and view multiple repositories.


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