I’m Ash, an English product designer based in Melbourne, Australia. I’ve spent the last 8+ years designing for a wide variety of different organisations, brands, and people.

I’m a strong believer in the power of beautiful visual design and human-centred problem solving. During my career I have developed a skillset that covers various facets of design, including branding, print, web and app design, and user research. Recently, I've developed an interest in motion design.

Outside of tech, I am an avid guitarist and can occasionally be found gigging around Melbourne. I also enjoy snowboarding, taking photographs, and exploring the world!


Values and methods


People focused

This sounds pretty obvious as a designer, but it’s not just users I care about. It’s the people I work with too. I thrive in cross-functional, diverse, and inclusive teams where I'm able to collaborate, share knowledge, learn from the best, and have fun along the way.


Plan for the unknown

I used to fear ambiguity, but over the years I've learned to embrace it. Going with the flow in the face of the unknown allows me to keep an open mind and explore different ideas. Instead of asking "what should be?", I try to ask "what could be?".


Just make something

As a tinkerer of pixels, I have a bias towards action. That means I try to get out of my own head, onto the tools, and into the hands of people – as soon as possible. I feel that the faster an idea is conveyed and shared, the faster it can be made better.


Have a laugh

I love what I do for a living, but I also love living. For me, that doesn't start at home and end when I get to the office. Life is short, but it's pretty damn great. We're all going to die soon so we should have a laugh while we can.

Skills and Capabilities

Interaction Design
Wireframes, prototypes, information architecture, user flows and journey mapping.

Visual Design
Polished screens, UI style guides, brand identities and graphic design.

Agile Business Analysis
Requirements analysis, stakeholder interviews, workshops, user story writing and prioritisation.

User Research
User interviews, personas, surveys, card sorting, contextual inquiry and usability testing.


Product Designer (Contract)
Culture Amp
Oct 2020 – Oct 2021

Experience Designer
May 2017 – Oct 2020

Digital Designer
Jan 2013 – Mar 2017

Graphic Designer
Greybox Creative
Aug 2011 – Jan 2012